What was so special abut working with Derek was how he was able to express to us what we needed to do, but also visualize and recognize the way we’d use his moves on the ice, as well. He was really quite genius,” White says. Adds Davis, “He’s just fantastic. He has an infectious, positive energy.
Charlie White and Meryl Davis about working with Derek Hough (x)

Meryl Davis and Charlie White in training with Derek Hough


Derek Hough helped them! I can’t breathe! I’m dead.

He certainly did :)

Leonardo Dicaprio - Derek Hough

Derek Hough for Annex Man Magazine

Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Champion

Amber Riley & Derek Hough

Anonymous asked:

love your blog! Can you recommend any other derek blogs too! I need more!! Thanks!

and i answered:

thanks so much. I sadly don’t use it as much as I would like to. 

I don’t really follow any DWTS/Derek blogs as this is “just” a sideblog so i usually just take a look at the “Derek Hough” tag instead when I feel like it. Sorry that i can’t help you. 



Damn it Val!


I wanted Amber to dance with Gleb! Ugh.

I know she’s dancing Salsa and Quickstep, but does anybody know who they picked?

They picked Mark.

Gleb would actually look kinda out of place dancing with Amber and Derek - he is quite a bit taller than both of them as far as I remember. I was personally hoping for Henry. It would have made more sense since Amber already danced with him last week when he almost had to take over from Derek because of Derek’s back. (and Derek and Henry are amazing together).

I’m happy with Mark though - as long as Derek stays in control.